18 Major Latin Munchies for 4/20!

Once upon a time, 420 (4:20 or 4/20) held special meaning for a select group of marijuana smoking insiders who were in on the toking. These days, however, with 18 states from Arizona to New Jersey, plus the District of Columbia, having legalized the use of medical marijuana, the definition of 420 is cult no more. Tomorrow, on April 20th (aka 4/20), there will be plenty of legit celebrations taking place from Atlantic to Pacific shores.

Now, we know that with weed comes the munchies, so if you're partaking in the party, you may need some snacks for when those midnight (or midday) cravings hit. What else is a good food site to do? Offer some solace, of course. Here, a collection of recipes (from burgers to wings to everything in between) that will satiate this weekend's munchies attack. This 4/20, you'll be armed and ready. All you have to do is motivate off the couch and into the kitchen. 

Happy 4/20!

Recipes continue on page 2. To see the full list, visit TheLatinKitchen.com.