The Best Meal I Ever Ate: Four Courses at Ramona in Cancun

The Best Meal I Ever Ate
Courtesy of Ramona

To declare something “the best thing I ever ate” is a pretty big deal. In food terms, it’s kind of like saying “I love you.” As such, it’s a statement that should be reserved for “The One:” the meal that seduces your palate, wows your taste buds, and so completely blows your mind that you’d eat it every day if it came to a choice between that and never tasting it again.

The One” might be a Tijuana beef tongue taco that, while searching for something to soak up the tequila on your last night of Spring Break, surprised and delighted your drunken palate; or it could be an eight-hour asado that your best friend prepared one night at an Argentine B&B and the two of you enjoyed over a cheap bottle of wine and a barrel of laughs; or maybe it’s a steaming bowl of Vietnamese Cao Lao noodles eaten solo – quietly and thoughtfully – in a Hoi An bungalow overlooking the South China Sea.

Most often, “The One” has an emotional component – you ate it when coming of age, bonding with a friend, or rediscovering yourself in a foreign land. Though the food was probably pretty good, it was likely the experience that really set it apart.

For me, “The best thing I ever ate” is a meal at Ramona, a resort restaurant in Cancun, Mexico. If you’re rolling your eyes as you read this – resort food, really? – I get it. But hear me out. I’ve eaten all kinds of cuisine at all kinds of places – from remote jungle pop-ups to urban holes in the wall to Michelin-starred must-eats – and Ramona at Nizuc Resort & Spa is unparalleled.

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