We Need the New Taco-Croissant Mashup—a.k.a. the “Tacro”—in Our Lives Immediately


Food mashups can be hit or miss (anyone remember the hot dog chocolate éclair?). But this new hybrid created out of San Francisco, sounds pretty dang delish.

As BuzzFeed reports, bakery Vive La Tarte created the “Tacro” in January—a flaky croissant shell filled with your choice of chili chicken with avocado, pulled pork and pineapple, or barbecued jackfruit—and people are going crazy for them, despite the $12 price tag. Can't say we're shocked, just look at all that crispy goodness:

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@vivelatarte opening at the ferry building means tacros for lunch #anctheory

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You can get ‘em topped with sliced radishes and chopped pickled onions and they come with both green avocado and red salsa. A rep for the bakery told BuzzFeed more flavors are likely coming down the pike, including a breakfast option.

Here’s hoping they take off like the cronut and start making their way across the country, because we’re over here like...