Taco Bell is Selling $5 Taco Boxes in Honor of National Taco Day

This is not a drill. National taco day is tomorrow, October 4, and thanks to Delishwe’re so happy to inform you of the BEST way to celebrate. I mean, today’s Taco Tuesday, so it’s only right we get a little head start, right?!

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There are so many obvious reasons why millions of people love Taco Bell, but their latest stunt takes the cake. That’s right, Taco Bell will be selling a National Taco Day Gift Set for just $5 tomorrow! The gift set will include four mouthwatering tacos in all their glory, including a Nacho Cheese, Cool Ranch, Fiery Doritos Locos, and a classic Crunch Taco. These bad boys will come in a cute little gift box, decorated with festive gift wrap and topped with a bell design, because why not.  

*Pinch* you’re not dreaming. This is real life. But that’s not all! The national holiday will be celebrated with a five-course meal at Taco Bell’s Irvine, California test kitchen. Seats for this magical event unfortunately came and went fast, but you can still join the waitlist and be in the know for upcoming events here

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One thing’s for sure, and it’s that Taco Bell is on fire this Fall. The epic eatery recently announced their collaboration with Forever 21, available October 11, and National Taco Day will be a perfect prequel. Tomorrow couldn’t come any sooner! In the meantime, get excited by watching Taco Bell’s animated National Taco Day special, “Glen and the Magic Taco” below: