Do We Really Need Spanglish Gatorade?

New Gatorade products are rolling out in the U.S., and this time, they're in Spanish. Limon Pepino (Lime Cucumber) and Sandia Citrus (Watermelon Citrus) are among the flavors of the new line Sabores de Mi Tierra, or "Flavors From Home." The new flavors are accompanied by new packaging: labels in both English and Spanish.

A spokesperson for Gatorade told that the bilingual packaging led to "feelings of inclusion and comfort." And that consumers found the products "nostalgic" and appealing to "our culture." Gatorade said the line is the result of strong brand recognition among Latino athletes. 

The flavors are available in Phoenix, Los Angeles, Dallas, Houston, Miami, San Diego, Tampa, Orlando, Atlanta and West Texas stores. 

While the new flavors sound pretty good (Watermelon Citrus, yum!) we wonder if this is really an inclusion effort by Gatorade or just another marketing ploy. If there's a strong brand recognition, do we really need the new line? And by calling it "Flavors from Home," -- are they? (Not sure about Lime Cucumber. We're partial to fruit punch.)

What do you think of this new line of flavors? Just another way to target the Latino market, or does this line speak to you more than other gatorade flavors?