New Year's Resolution for 2009? Eat More McDonald's!

Listen up, fast food junkies. Turns out you don’t have to feel guilty each time you sneak off to Mickey D’s, even if you have resolved to eat healthier and lose weight!

Nutritionist Claudia Gonzalez, author of Gordito Doesn’t Mean Healthy: What Every Latina Mother Needs to Know to Raise Happy and Healthy Kids, says homemade meals aren’t automatically better than those dished out at fast food restaurants. In fact, it could make you gain more weight. “It all depends on what you choose so look at the options and make healthy selections,” she says.

Lunch and dinner should consist of 30-50% fruits and vegetables so order a salad and get your proteins in by mixing chicken or shrimp with your greens. “We eat visually,” Gonzalez says. “Sometimes people think a salad isn’t filling, but fruits and vegetables provide volume with very little calories,”

People on the go opt for the nearest take-out for different reasons and saving money (depending on what you choose) and speedy service are only two of the benefits of fast food dining. “The unknown benefit is that you can make fair to good choices when you eat out,” she points out. There will be bad choices wherever you go; it’s all about sticking to your plan, keeping track of your calorie intake regardless of where you eat and avoiding the common pitfalls.

“If you’re trying to control or lose weight, avoid super sizing, large sandwiches and all-you-can-eat buffets,” she warns. “These may seem good, but in the end it just packs on the pounds.”