#NationalTacoDay: The Best Memes to Help You Celebrate

Today is National Taco Day, and we hope you are stuffing your face with crunchy goodness. Tacos are everywhere: clothing, jewelry, movies. They even have their own day (#TacoTuesday anyone?). As members of the Secret Taco Loving Committee, we're privy to all of the glorious memes that highlight everyone's favorite food. Here are a few to share on your social platforms. 

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1. 1

Thank God Justin Bieber clarified this. We were walking into Taco Bell every day hoping we'd become a taco. So much wasted time. 

2. 2

Because no one likes a dry taco.

3. 3

Seriously?! If you're going to feed your pets at least respect them enough to give them a decent sized taco. 

4. 4

Apple's Fearful Face

5. 5

The struggle has never been so real!

6. 6

When people try to be "jalapeño" business, just show them this pic. 

7. 7

This needs to be on a Hallmark Card.

8. 8

Oprah is the greatest gift the gods have granted us — she believes in tacos for all! 

9. 9

You better make sure you get home before your Tío. (He's been known to over eat his welcome.)

10. 10

Paleontologists have discovered a new class of dinosaur.