7 Foolproof Latin-American Hangover Cures

When it comes to partying, everyone has their favorite drink and their go-to cure for the morning after. Keep this in mind for your next escapade! From menudo to leche de tigre, here are some foolproof hangover cures from across Latin America:

1. Sancocho

Sancocho has roots throughout Latin America — Colombians, Dominicans, Panamanians, Venzuelans, and more all have their own version of the hearty stew. The soupy concoction varies from region to region, but you can count on it to be served piping hot with a splash of lime. 

Photo: @tropicalpicken

2. Menudo

Many Mexicans believe in the magical healing properties of menudo. This chile soup consists of a spicy, red broth filled with tripe (cow stomach) and various vegetables. Served with a spritz of lime, a dash of oregano, a handful of diced onion and a bolillo or tortilla, menudo will soak up all the extra tequila in your system after a night of hard partying. 

Photo: @raenaholt

3. Clamato

Can't stomach a bowl of menudo? Grab a chilled glass of Clamato with a dash of chili powder and salt at the rim. For particularly rough mornings, add a can of beer, some lime, and a splash of hot sauce for a remedy that many Mexicans swear by. 

Photo: @piolamerida

4. Pastel & Caldo de Cana

Brazilians know how to party, so it makes sense that they take their hangover cures pretty seriously. Many Brazilians take a dose of Engov before the party to prevent a hangover— but if that doesn't work, a glass of caldo de cana (sugarcane juice) with a side of a fried, flaky pastry called pastel will kill the nausea and headaches! 

Photo: @_vanessam

5. Leche de Tigre

Charlie Sheen may be able to cope with his drug and alcohol addled parties with the help of his "tiger blood," but, for the rest of us, leche de tigre may be the solution. 

A Peruvian staple, leche de tigre (tiger's milk) can cure even the worst of hangovers. Everyone has their own take on the concoction, but traditionally, the base consists of a liquefied mix of fish, lemon, onion and ají. As they say in Peru, this drink can "wake the dead" — and we believe them.

Photo: @lanociva

6. Asopao

In Puerto Rico, a warm, steamy bowl of asopao will kick your hangover in no time! Boricuas swear by asopao de pollo, a rice, chicken and vegetable stew filled with flavor and spice.  

Photo: @antmatic

7. Picositas

Natives of Antigua, Guatemala give the whole "hair of a dog" thing a whole new meaning. A picosita consists of a beer (usually cheapbeer) with a dash of salt, a spoonful of chile, a small handful of a chopped onion and vinegar mix, a squeeze of lime, and a dose of Worcestershire sauce (and maybe some shrimp, for good measure.)

Photo: @lauravanseumeren