Is The McDonald’s McWrap Really Just A Burrito In Disguise?

Word on the streets says that McDonald’s has a new menu item wrapped up – literally. According to Ad Age, the mega fast food chain is rolling out a product called the McWrap, which to us looks a lot like a burrito. The new snack is filled with chicken and cheese, wrapped tightly in a tortilla. Come on, Ronald McDonald… really?

Why is the McWrap even a factor right now? Ad Age reports that McDonald’s hopes to take some share away from Subway, and views its new product as its biggest launch this year. Let’s see how big it is. It’s unclear how much money will be shelled out to promote the burrito doppelgangers, but we just hope the ads stirred up are nothing like the current Taco Bell commercials, which are so cheesy, it hurts. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, here are two words: Grande Papi.

The McWrap is available in some locations and is speculated to have its official national launch within the next few weeks.

Will you be trying one?