Guess Which Country Made the World’s Largest Shrimp Cocktail

We’re suddenly hungry. The World Records Academy reports that a coastal city in Mexico has set the world record for the largest shrimp cocktail. It was huge. Alongside 80 local chefs, residents of Mazatlan prepared the immense dipping sauce, which reportedly included 127 pounds of ketchup, 22 pounds of lemon juice, 12 pounds of "salsa brava,” eight pounds of Worcestershire sauce, six pounds of salt, two pounds of Tabasco sauce and 30 grams of pepper.

Mexico Aims to Break World Record for Breaking World Records!

The previous Guinness world record was held by Holland, but Mexico’s new record surpassed it with 538.5 kilos, or over 1,000 pounds of shrimp! The cocktail was created by chefs from Hotel Playa Mazatlan as part of a recent effort to promote Mazatlan as a culinary destination. Mexico’s Secretary of Tourism Gloria Guevara said the effort was about more that just breaking a world record, “It's about positioning Mazatlan as the shrimp capital of the world!”

In addition to the shrimp cocktail record, the World Record Academy reports that Mexico also nabbed the world record for the largest seafood ceviche. It weighed a reported 21,945 pounds and was organized by Aquamar International in San Francisco de Campeche.

Congrats to Mexico!