Flanboyant Eats with Bren: Easy Latin Recipes for Summer

Summer is just one week away and the first thing that comes to mind for most of us is pool parties, cookouts and vacations. The last thing on our minds is usually what we’re going to cook; especially if we’re spending so much time outdoors and away from our casa. The thought of having to come up with light, fresh and enticing meals during super hot days can completely take the fun and sexy away from engaging in the kitchen.

Fret not! I’ve got three super facíl and delightful Latin recipes you’ll love making this season! And don’t be afraid to repeat—just play around with the ingredients every time to give your delicias a twist. The goal is to have some staple go-to dishes—appetizers, main courses, desserts—that won’t fail you. Instead you'll have your friends begging you to host another weekend pool-side fiesta!

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