Celebrities & Their Favorite Latin Dishes!

Are you loco for Latin food? It's hard not to be! From Mexico to Cuba and everywhere in between, each culture and country possesses their own unique (and delicious!) flavor. 

From Beyonce to Pitbull, these stars all love Latin comida, and even revealed their favorite dish: 

1. Beyonce

Queen Bey loves guacamole —and who can blame her? The avocado-based dip boasts tons of nutrients and healthy fats. Whip up your own version of her quick and easy guac recipe, available at The Latin Kitchen.

2. Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz may boast a fit-and-fabulous figure, but the Cubana cannot resist the delectable crunch of a chicharron. "Every day, I'd eat that as a child; I teethed on it," she admitted.

3. Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne told E! News that chicken quesadillas gave her enough energy to dance her heart out during season nine of Dancing With The Stars. The reality TV star, who competed in 2009, said, "I love the carbs from the cheese. But, I have to stop eating it, because it's starting to make me feel sick, because I'm eating it too much."

4. Pitbull

Mr. 305 professed his love for a little-know Cuban dish pollo a la barbacoa in a recent interview with CNN. Pitbull described the dish as a chicken-based meal slathered in butter and soy sauce.

5. Jasmine V

Jasmine V told us she loves being Latina partly because of the incredible food! "Every year at Christmas, my dad makes 4 pounds of tamales, and it's my favorite time of year," she dished.

6. Jennifer Aniston

In an interview with Stylist, Jennifer Aniston revealed that her "last meal" would be comprised of her favorite Mexican dishes. "It'd be chips and guacamole, quesadillas, enchiladas, a big tostada salad," she said. "And nachos."

7. Adrienne Bailon

Adrienne Bailon adores cuchifritos — the fried Puerto Rican snack foods displayed in heated glass cases in casual restaurants. "I actually love junk food," she told us. "I am a cuchifrito freak! If my food was heated by a lightbulb, I am in heaven."

8. Kristin Stewart

Believe it or not, Twilight star Kristin Stewart loves to get her hands dirty in the kitchen. She gave Vogue the scoop on one of her favorite dishes to prepare: tortilla soup.

9. Laz Alonso

Cubano Laz Alonso's loves the food he grew up eating, like loves arroz con pollo and boliche.

10. Eva Longoria

San Antonio native Eva Longoria makes no secret of the fact that she could never live without Mexican food. The San Antonio native admitted that she has one dish she loves more than any other: tortilla soup!

11. George Lopez

What Latin food does George Lopez enjoy? A better question would be: what doesn't he enjoy? When asked over Twitter about his favorite Mexican dishes, Lopez responded: "Chorizo, Menudo, Carnitas, Chile Verde .. Corn and Flour [tortillas]."

12. Audrina Patridge

The Hills star Audrina Patridge simply obsesses over Mexican cuisine. "I actually love making guacamole and making salsa," she told Ok! "I love the quesadillas. I love making taquitos. I love tacos. I love my Mexican food. You can eat a little bit, and it feels you up."

13. Joan Smalls

Supermodel Joan Smalls has a total sweet tooth, and she loves postres from her native Puerto Rico! Her favorite snack? Pastelillo de Guayaba.