WATCH: Mexican Cola vs U.S. Cola in the Ultimate Taste Test Showdown!

Mexican Cola Video

Have you heard all of the excitement over Mexican coke? The growing popularity of the hecho en Mexico soda can't be disputed. Available now anywhere from your corner bodega to fancy NYC bakery Momofuku Milk Bar, we sat down to do the ultimate face-off. 

Taking Mexican Coca-Cola, Mexican Pepsi, American Coca-Cola and American Pepsi, we blindfolded one of our own to see if she could tell the difference between the American-made sodas, which are produced with high fructose corn syrup, and the Mexican versions, which some people prefer because they are made with natural cane sugar.

While the debate of whether it's actually healthier for you or not rages on, we're seeing what all the fuss is about. Watch our exclusive video and then tell us in the comments below: which soda version do you prefer?