10 Hot Latin Chefs to Feast Your Eyes On

Chefs are sexy. Period. Just take a moment and watch them work. There's an art to mastering the nuances of a kitchen, and when chefs prep their services, sharpen their knives, dress their tables, pair their wines, and dish their plates, we can't help but swoon. When we finally taste the fruit of their labors, we admit; we get a little hot under the collar. Throw in some Latin spice, and we're completely over the moon. But in addition to having serious kitchen chops, these ten chefs have ranked as our faves. Whether its their involvement in their communities, their dedication to their native cuisine or, well, simply how they fill out those chef whites, these Latin cocineros make our first 'Hot Chef' list. (We're sure there will be more to come, so stay tuned.)

Consider it our weekend gift to you.  Here's to hot chefs!

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