8 Hilarious (& Useful) Food Lingo Mash-Ups

8 Hilarious Food Word Mash-Ups

In today’s Twitter, “text me,” and YOLO-obsessed world, consolidation is key. In fact, if you don’t say what you mean in less than 140 characters, it’s likely that no one but your mom will be listening.

Thus we present to you the Latina.com food phrase mash-up: a hilarious (and useful) – hilariful? – guide to delivering maximum meaning in the fewest syllables possible.

The below phrases will save valuable time that you can better use posting photos of your breakfast on Instagram. #funnyfoodwords – Yea, we know. We do it, too. Enjoy!

Ridiculish (adj): ridiculously delish (short for delicious)

Dramatic types who like to describe even the most banal things with wildly inflated language will love this word. The combination of silly and profound strikes a perfect descriptive chord. To really drive it home, punch the second syllable, as in “That tres leches cake was ri-DIC-ulish!”

*see also fabu-lish, incredi-lish, and surprisi-lish

Chocomel (noun or adj): chocolate + caramel (same in Spanish)

This one is obvious thanks to its ubiquity in the candy and ice cream aisles. Still, it would make describing the latest protein bar flavor a bit easier, as in “I can’t believe this cranberry, almond, sesame seed, chocomel bar is less than 200 calories!”

Environmendly (adj): environmentally friendly

The farm to table movement has brought eco-lingo to the food world fore. Here, the eight-syllable tongue twister gets a trim (as well as the addition of the word “mend” in the middle). Use it to tell friends at your next party that their tinga de pollo is “cage-free and environmendly.”