First Listen: Belinda Drops New Dance Track “En El Amor Hay Que Perdonar"

Belinda and catchy tracks go hand in hand – and her latest song “En El Amor Hay Que Perdonar,” off of her new album Catarsis, delivers the pop elements we love with a more mature backdrop. Let’s face it; the 22-year-old singer has a lot of life lessons to use as her muses. In the past couple of years, she has gone through highly publicized break-ups, lawsuits filed by her former employees, and chismes about her going under the knife.

Regardless of what the gossip columns stir up about her, Belinda has proven to have a sense of humor about it all and the negative attention seems to boost her creativity. The Latin Grammy-nominated singer said in a statement about her new single, co-produced by Victor El Nasi and Joan Ortiz, “Asking for forgiveness with an open soul and your head held high, reflects humility.”

Seems like she managed to transform all of her drama into a hit track! Listen to Belinda’s new single, “Hay Que Perdonar.” Her new album is currently available to pre-order on iTunes today.