EXCLUSIVE: Fifth Harmony Give the Scoop on Touring With Demi Lovato & Celeb Crushes!

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What have been some of your biggest fan girl moments with stars you've met?

Lauren: I met Fall Out Boy yesterday. I cried before and after, it was really weird because I don’t usually cry. But they’re like my childhood, them and Paramore. Hopefully I’ll meet Paramore soon. That was a really good experience for me.

What was it like meeting Fall Out Boy?

Lauren: It was awesome! They were so sweet.  It was Pete, and Patrick, and Andy, it was just the three of them. Joe wasn’t there. It was really cool to meet them. They were so sweet, we were just talking about random stuff, because I didn’t really know what to say and they were trying to make conversation. It was a little awkward for me personally because I was being so weird because so star struck and my heart was beating so fast. But it was really nice, they were really cool.

Do you have any celeb crushes?

Ally: I recently thought Nick Lachey was super hot.

Recently? You haven’t liked him since his days with 98 degrees?

Ally: Well no, I have! I recently stumbled upon Youtube videos, and I stumbled upon him, and I was like oh my gosh how could I forget? Nick Lachey is the most gorgeous looking man in the world!

Lauren: I think he’s always been pretty good looking.

Normani: Who?

Lauren & Ally: Nick Lachey

Normani: Is he the one from Transformers?

Lauren: No, no he is not. That’s Shia Labeouf.

Ally: He’s the one who was with Jessica Simpson

You ladies are too funny! So tell us, who is one Latina that inspires you?

All: Selena! And then J.Lo!

Camila: I love Selena so much, she’s my favorite entertainer of all time! She’s amazing.

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