I got this fire in my blood. For me, you gotta keep up

It’s all in. It’s ‘I’m going to love the shit out of you, and I’m going to fuck you up later,’” says Mars jokingly, laughing about his attraction to Latinas, obviously with Caban in mind. “It’s all in. And that’s what keeps that fire going.”

As he wraps the interview, which felt more like two bros shooting the ish, Mars dips through the back of the pizzeria, jumps in his black Cadillac and pulls to the front. He asks this reporter, “Where you going? Maybe I can give you a lift.” “Downtown L.A.,” the reporter says. “Oh! You better Uber that shit!” Mars says with a smile. It was expected. Not because Mars is too Hollywood, but because where he’s going, not many have gone.

Bruno Mars & Jessica Caban's Cutest Moments

Bruno Mars and his girlfriend Jessica Caban are constantly giving us #relationshipgoals! We've rounded up eight of their most adorable moments together — prepare to say aww


Did you catch the Grammys on Sunday? Bruno Mars broke a lot of hearts when he showed up with model girlfriend Jessica Caban by his side. The two have been dating for quite some time, but fans were shocked to see them together at such a high profile event. And after seeing them together, just like fans, we got curious to learn more about this gorgeous mujer!


Bruno Mars was one cute kiddo!As we were scrolling through Instagram yesterday (don't act like that isn't your favorite past time, too!), we stumbled across a post on the singer's sister's page of Mars when he was a little boy.