FDA Approves Medication for Longer, Fuller Lashes

From the company that brought you Botox, now there's Latisse, the first FDA approved prescription drug for longer, fuller eyelashes. It's not mascara, either. Allergan Pharmaceuticals noticed that their eye drops for glaucoma also produced lush lashes in patients. The drug’s potential side effects include red, itchy eyes, darker eyelid pigmentation and possible darkening of irises (hazel, green, blue eyes can temporarily turn brown). But are lush lashes worth that risk? The company sure hopes you'll think so.

Allergen intends to debut Latisse on the market in January for $120 per month for 3ml. That's steep, particularly given the current state of our economy. However, this is also a world where people spend about $5 billion a year on mascara.

So what do you think, ladies?