What Do Latinos Find Sexy? 10 Spill The Details!

Most of us ladies are so into all the popular fashion trends and styles, but have you ever wondered what your man thinks of it all? We sure have! So we asked you to find out what he thinks is sexy on you and your responses poured in! We also did a little digging of our own with the men in our lives and here are the top 10 answers! From yoga pants to dresses, this is what guys find sexy!

1. Curls


"He LOVES my curls and is not happy when I pull out the flat iron. He even warned me before our wedding that if I didn't walk down the aisle with my natural curls, he was running out the church!"

- @illy_villy on Instagram

2. Athletic


"Athletic - just out of the gym wear"

- Nina (@neen2c)

3. Casual


"Totally casual-soft tee, leggings, no makeup!"

- Mar (@marpop)

4. Healthy


"A healthy body can make almost anything look good."

- A 30-year-old male

5. Sporty


"My Boyfriend loves if I wear one of his sport shirts with girl's jeans shorts." 

- Ogea (@snowerain)

6. Dresses


"I like summer sun dresses and little black dresses"

- A 22-year-old male

7. No Makeup

No Makeup

"My guy finds me sexy in a football jersey and sweats with no makeup on." 

- Ilsy (@IlsyNY)

8. Shoes


"It's all about the shoes. It’s the first thing I saw on my wife the night we met ."

- A 55-year-old male


9. Nails


"I notice nails and hands first. If someone's a nail biter it freaks me out!"

- A 35-year-old male

10. Yoga Pants

Yoga Pants

"Yoga Pants, a tank top, and a pony tail."

- Amanda (@theamandasalas)