6 Glamorous Wearable Tech Accessories

In our April issue, our Fashion Director, Verky Arcos Baldonado, showed us some pretty awesome wearable tech. Now, we’ve researched some more to add some function to your fashion! Check it out!

1. Let’s Get Organized

Designed by the super trendy Opening Ceremony and powered by Intel, this fashion-forward bracelet will keep you organized. You can receive messages, GMail notifications, calendar alerts, and appointment reminders all on a 1.6-inch sapphire touchscreen.

Opening Ceremony X Intel MICA Smart Bracelet, $495, OpeningCeremony.us

2. Cuff It Up

Want options while keeping connected? Well, this tiny tech device monitors movement and nutrition, sends out an emergency notification, and, best of all, fits into different customized jewelry like a cuff, necklace, and bracelet.

Cuff Package, prices range from $29-$59, Cuff.io

3. Ring, Ring

Put your phone away, and let the Ringly ring send you customized notifications through light and vibration.

Ringly Day Dream Smart Ring, pre-order $195, Ringly.com


4. Party In A Clutch

This audio clutch is the modern version of a boombox – only better! This Stelle Audio Clutch connects with any Bluetooth device to play music or chat with your amigas!

Stelle Audio Clutch, $349, Amazon.com

5. Watch Out Now

The black and gold Apple watch will look great at the office or on a casual weekend. Finally, a watch that tracks your life and keeps up with your fashion cred. Sold! 

Apple Watch, $349, Apple.com

6. Power Bags

Tired of your phone dying? With the Everpurse, charge it overnight then connect your phone in the charging pocket, so it will never go dead on-the-go.

Everpurse, $249, Amazon.com