10 Summer Trends That Will Work All Year Long

From denim mini skirts to strappy heels, this summer has been full of fabulous trends. And just because the sunshine is going away doesn't mean the stylish pieces have to go along with it.. Here are some amazing summer fashion staples that will work 365 days a year: 

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1. Summer Trends: Denim Skirt

1. Denim skirts

This trend will work perfectly even when the colder months hit. All you have to do is throw on a pair of tights and/or thigh-high boots, and you're good to go. 

2. Summer Trends: Simple Strap Heel


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2. Simple strap heel 

Go ahead and replace that classic black pump for a strappy beauty because this look will sexy up just about any outift. 

3. Summer Trends - Off The Shoulder

3. Off-the-shoulder tops 

Whether you rock a light or dark color, off-the-shoulder tops have made their way into the daily rotation. They are flattering on everyone and you can dress them up, or dress them down, any way you like. 

4. Summer Trends - Separates & Prints

4. Mixed prints

This summer has been all about mixing different prints together and feel free to continue that trend all year long. Mixing a bright print with a dark print, or florals and stripes, will be perfect for the months to come.

5. Summer Trends - Boyfriend Jeans

5. Boyfriend jeans 

Before, you would have to actually steal these from your boyfriend. Now they make a version for girls, too, so no worries. Boyfriend jeans are the best when you want to be comfy. Rock them with sneakers for a casual look or with heels to look instantly chic.

6. Summer Trends - Mirrored Sunnies

6. Round Mirrored Sunglasses

These shades are perfect because they will pair nicely with any outfit. The round shape can work for many different faces and you can fun with the style that you pick. 

7. Summer Trends - Sport Wear

7. Sportswear

If you don't have an Adidas tracksuit in your closet, what are you doing with your life?! Mixing in sportswear with a cute white tea or heels is so in right now and will transition perfectly in the months to come. 

8. Summer Trends - Statement Earrings

8. Statement earrings

If you are wearing a plain outfit, statement earrings can give it an instant pick me up. It's always fun to wear them in a bright color or toned them done with a darker tone. Either way, they are perfect for when you are feeling lazy but want to spruce up your look. 

9. Summer Trends - Chokers


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9. Chokers 

This summer has been the summer of chokers and trust us when we tell you that they are not going anywhere. They are the perfect accessory to give life to any look. You can make them match what you are wearing or you can switch it up with a thin or thick version. 

10. Summer Trends - Backpack

10. Backpacks

They are perfect bag when you want to run out the door but they also work when you want to add a littl edge to an otherwise boring outfit. Backpacks are great because they aren't in your way and you can have fun with the color or style you choose.