The '90s Fashion Trends Every Latina Rocked

From the coveted mom jeans to sexy crop tops, the '90s were surely a glorious era for fashion. We're giving you a blast from the past by highlighting some of the hottest fashions trends of the decade, rocked by your favorite Latina celebs, of course. 

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1. Mesh Tops

No matter where the fiesta was, you could never go wrong with a see-through black mesh top during this era. Whether you paired it with a skirt or jeans, every chica had a go-to mesh piece in her closet. 

2. Baggy Jeans

Who could forget the beloved baggy (aka mom) jeans? Pairing these high-waisted threads with a cute crop top and a chic pair of shades made for one stylish ensemble. It's no wonder they've made a huge comeback!

3. Shirt Around Your Waist

Now if you really wanted to give off the cool girl vibe during this era, the key was tying a long-sleeved shirt or sweater around your waist. This simple trick instantly turned you into a '90s fashionista. 

4. Bandanas

It seems everyone was on the bandana bandwagon during this era. No matter how you styled them, bandanas were definitely a must-have hair accessory.

5. Crop Tops

If you think crop tops are a hit now, then you clearly aren't aware of their glory days from the '90s. These mid-drift bearing shirts were all the rage, and a look back at Jennifer Lopez's most famous '90s looks is all the evidence you need to prove it.

6. Gold-Plated Name Chains

If you grew up during the '90s then you either had one of these or you wanted one really badly. We surely loved us some gold-plated name chains, and still do! How else is everyone supposed to know your name? Duh!