The Most Hideous Wedding Dresses, Ever

The gross, the bad, and the ugly — these are the gowns we hope to NEVER see walking down the aisle.

1. wedding dress 11

We're just wondering... at which point does the designer not stop themselves to think about going in a different direction?

2. wedding dress 1

We love a good boho bride, but we don't love this. Chica, no.

3. wedding dress 4

Is anyone else concerened about the bride who chooses this number falling over before she even gets to the alter? 

4. wedding dress 6

There's a thin line between prom and wedding and this dress crossed it.

5. wedding dress 8


6. wedding dress 7


7. wedding dress 10

We're going to assume she skipped her last fitting. Or all of them.

8. wedding dress 5

Honey Boo Boooooooooooo! 2 thumbs down.

9. dress

We'd like to point out one fun fact about this dress — the name of it is: "Hawaii Hangover Beach Bridal Dress." 'Nuf said.