Wild Fashion Trends From the Early 2000s That Every Latina Loved

The '90s may be making a huge comeback but who could forget the early 2000s filled with name belts, throwback jerseys and rhinestones galore? Join us as we take a moment to appreciate the outrageous fashion trends we all rocked at some point.

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1. Jersey Dress

Whether you spotted them in music videos or on the streets during hot summer days, jersey dresses were everywhere! However, Mariah Carey took this look to another level when she donned this floor-length version of the dress during a performance.

2. Velour Tracksuit

A velour tracksuit with a pair of fresh kicks instantly made you the coolest girl on the block. 


3. Von Dutch Truckers

If you grew up during the 2000s then you know these Von Dutch trucker hats very well, and probably owned a few in several colors. 

4. Super Low Rise Jeans

Fashions from this era were all about pushing boundaries from super tiny crop tops all the way down to the extreme low rise jeans. These were the type of pantalones you'd never let mami catch you leaving the house in. 

5. Rocawear, Baby Phat and Enyce

These designer brands ruled during the 2000s. As long as you had one piece from either Rocawear, Baby Phat or Enyce, you were good to go.

Bonus points if you had any of their embellished jeans or bedazzled tees! 

6. Halter Tops

The crop tops of today have nothing on the notorious halter tops from the early 2000s. A rhinestone halter paired with your jeans made for the perfect summer outfit. 

7. Door Knocker Earrings

There was no such thing as minimalist accessories during the early '00s, everything was either blinged out to the extreme or over-sized like the infamous door knocker earrings.

8. Denim Mini Skirts

The go-to party look for this era always included a denim mini skirt, of course. This itty bitty falda was the perfect way to show off those long legs.