The Best Gifts for Mother’s Day!

1. momsday1

Wean your mother off of corny drugstore cards, and get her hooked on these witty cards with common Latin phrases, like “Mea Culpa,” from Set Editions. $16 at

2. momsday2

Help young moms remember life before soccer practice and piles of laundry by giving them Sex and the City: The Complete Series. This chic box set—out just in time for the release of Sex and the City: The Movie on May 30—is best served with a hot pink cosmo and a coupon for free babysitting services. $153.99 on

3. momsday3

The Alpha Bath Caddy is a great gift for a Mom that needs some quality rest & relaxation. Jessica Alba and Nicole Richie already scooped some up for their time away from the baby! $50, available at

4. momsday4

For the woman who is the last to sleep and first to rise, let her at least wake up in style with Clocky, a super-fun alarm clock that gets you out of bed by running around the room and hiding. We know it sounds annoying, but with its cute sounds and cartoon-character look, we guarantee Clocky will wake mom up with a smile every morning. $50 at

5. momsday5

Simple, subtle, singular fragrances that will take Mami back to her own childhood! These refreshing fragrances by Demeter are available in a wide variety of scents, including: Honeysuckle, Bulgarian Rose and Baby Powder. Available at

6. momsday6

This Caden Lane Modern Girls Pink Towel Set is a perfect gift for new moms tryin' to stay stylin' even while bathing their bundles of joy! $46,

7. momsday7

Perfect for the Mom on the go or the working Mom, TomTom navigation systems help millions of people get from A to B without any stress every day. The plug & go capability and user friendly graphics will have your mom riding in ease & style! TomTom GPS System ($169.95) available at

8. momsday8

These ribbed leggings can shape your mother back to her pre-baby sleekness. According to Bliss, they “tighten the tummy, thin the thighs, and lift and separate the rear.” $68 at

9. momsday9

Juggling kids, family and work doesn't leave most do-it-all moms with a lot of time to keep up with their favorite shows, so we found the perfect gift for the time-crunched TV junkie in your life: a lifetime of TiVo. That's right—if you're a current TiVo subsciber, you can give the gift of commercial-free, time-unbound television that will last longer than Law & Order. It doesn't come cheap, but this is guaranteed to put a big grin on any busy mom's face. Approximately $698.99 at

10. momsday10

Does your mami keep talking about wanting to get back into shape, but keeps that treadmill you bought her last Christmas buried under piles of laundry? She will love the Wii Fit, a gaming console that combines the fun of video games with the health benefits of exercise videos in a slick, zen-like package. Games provide step-by-step instruction in strength training, aerobics or yoga, all the while tracking progress and keeping you motivated with a virtual personal trainer. The Wii Fit will bring out her inner child, and her pre-baby body! $139.99 at

11. momsday11

Oshune makes healthful and luxurious skincare products for multi-ethnic men and women, which makes this Cocomango Sweet Crème a sweet treat for mama. $14.95 at