Steal Her Style: Shakira’s Golden Locks

Dying for some attention whenever, wherever? Take a page from Shakira’s playbook! No hip-shaking required. Just a trip to the salon and the home-maintenance to follow. Here’s the hair how-to from NYC’s Mane Men…


 What’s the best way to achieve a solid gold color?

NYC celeb colorist Andrea Piccolo of Concept Salon recommends using neutralights from Goldwell, which lighten a dark base and control red. Then, add highlights to “further lighten and enhance the texture of this layered cut, Piccolo says, before finishing with a toner “to give sheen and a more beige hue,” which will help enhance your skin tone.


What’s the key to maintaining my golden glow?

NYC stylist to the stars Adrian De Berardinis of DeBerardinis Salon advises using a color- safe shampoo and conditioner regimen “to prolong the freshness and vibrancy of your highlights.”  After all, De Berardinis adds: "Hair color is expensive—so protect your investment.”


To recreate Shakira’s sexy style, follow Adrian De Berardinis’ 5 Easy Steps.

  1. Apply root lifting product and shine serum to wet hair, then blow dry completely while smoothing hair with a flat or round brush.
  2. Divide hair into large vertical sections and apply a soft hold aerosol hairspray to each section before curling.
  3. Curl hair with curling iron, twisting away from the face.
  4. Spray entire head with hairspray to lock in curls, then use fingers to break up the curls to create tousled tresses.
  5. Shake out your hair and make other women think you just woke up to this gorgeous look!


On a final note, Piccolo recommends using “a shine gloss spray after styling to keep the brightness and texture of the color.”

Chicas, these tips don’t lie!