Sofia Vergara Talks Her New Collection & Spring Fashion

Sofia Vergara knows a thing or two about dressing your body. With her Kmart line, she makes her fun (and sexy) style affordable and chic. Recently, she shot the latest images for her Spring 2014 collection and also revealed her favorite pieces, as well as her best fashion advice. See it all below!

1. On Spring Fashion

On Spring Fashion

"One piece of advice I have for women for spring is to try and wear things that are colorful and make you feel fun.  It’s that time of the year when you can go a little crazy with colors and feel a little sexy. “

2. On Favorite Colors to Wear

On Favorite Colors to Wear

“I love all colors, but my favorite colors of the season are blue, like aquamarine, yellow, and, of course, black because it makes you look and feel slim.  Now they’re mixing black a lot with other colors or black with white.”

3. On Favorite Pieces in Her Collection

On Favorite Pieces in Her Collection

My favorite item from the spring collection is actually the dress I’m wearing (a black dress with a white graphic trim) because I think it’s very flattering and I love that you can wear it during summer too.  It also has the black and white print, which is very fashionable right now.”

4. On Wearing Jeans

On Wearing Jeans

To me, what makes a great pair of jeans great is when they make me feel slimmer and everything is pulled together tight. It makes me feel comfortable and sexy."