The Sunglasses You Need to Buy, According to Your Face Shape

The sun rays require the right pair of frames to keep you stylin' and protected. With endless amounts of shapes, sizes and designs, it can be overwhelming to even the professional fashionista. Here's a cheat sheet to ease the next shopping experience, with the most flattering picks for every face shape. 

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1. Square Face

Quay Australia HIGH KEY

Square faces almost have the same width at the forehead, cheekbones and jawline. Try rounder and oval shaped frames, which will flatter your features while still highlighting your gorgeous jaw line.

Try: Quay Australia X Desi Perkins available in various colors, $65,

2. Oval Face

prive revaux the feminist

For the oval face chicas, you will tend to have more symmetric features. This means almost any frame will compliment your face. Yas! Therefore, get adventurous with some cat eye or retro styled frames in different trendy hues. Anything you choose will look fabulous and can make a statement with your fierce summer outfit.

Privé’s The Feminist, $29.95,

3. Round Face

H and M Sunglasses

Square or rectangular designs tend to look better on those with round faces. If you have a rounder frame, choose one of these designs in a darker frame to flatter roundness. Play around with oversized sunnies if you’re feeling risky, which is perfect for shielding the sun in style.

H&M Sunglasses, $50,

4. Heart Face

MELT Flat Round Sunglasses

If you have a heart shape face, this means your face is widest at your cheekbones and gets narrower toward your chin. You can balance the difference by wearing round lenses with thin frames. Get your ‘80s on with some mirrored frames, which can take any wardrobe from casual cool to sexy silk.

Forever 21 MELT Flat Round Sunglasses, $28,