Recreate 8 of Selena's Most Iconic Fashion Looks!

Selena Quintanilla was a fashion icon, plain and simple. Continue her legacy in these look-alike items, inspired by the tejano singer’s fashion choices. ¡Viva Selena!

1. selena slide 01

Nothing looks better together than pulling in opposites: this ruffled shirt and badass leather jacket balance each other out.

2. Selena slide 02

Get the look:

White ruffled top, $60,

Cropped Vegan Leather Moto Jacket, $80,

3. selena slide 03

Simple and sexy is how you’d describe a cutout black maxi dress.

4. selena slide 04

Get the look:
Maxi Dress, $47,

5. selena slide 05

A sports jacket is a perfect throwback.

6. selena slide 06

Get the look:
Varsity jacket, $36,

7. selena slide 07

White and black stripes add some serious edge to any outfit.

8. selena slide 08

Get the look:
Black and white striped jacket, $1,607,

9. selena slide 09

Selena knew that a black sheer maxi skirt is a perfect wardrobe piece.

10. selena slide 10

Get the look:
Alice + Olivia maxi skirt, $158,

11. selena slide 11

Crop tops? Sure. Mesh crop tops? Even better.

12. selena slide 12

Get the look:
Mesh crop top, $10,

13. selena slide 13

Leopard is totally a neutral.

14. selena slide 14

Get the look:
Michael Kors leopard-print shell, $348,

15. selena slide 15

A white bustier top garners some serious attention.

16. selena slide 16

Get the look:
White bra top, $42,