Selena Did It First: 9 Times Stars Stole the Queen of Tejano’s Look

Selena Quintanilla was more than just a bright young star; she was also a fashionista! Who can forget her sparkly bustiers and bold prints? And it seems today's stars are just catching up. Take a look!

1. Selena Did It First: Katy Perry

Selena vs Katy Perry

"It's a bra with little sprinkly things on it!" the 1997 movie-version of Selena's dad, Abraham, yelled. But Selena was one of the music pioneers of the bustier (along with Paula Abdul) that has influenced artists to this day.

2. Selena Did It First: Miley Cyrus

Selena vs Miley Cyrus

Forget just being Miley, Miley was clearly channeling Selena in a black crop top and a sheer maxi skirt.

3. Selena Did It First: Beyonce

Selena vs Beyonce

Bey, you may be a diva, but in the world of violet pantsuits, Selena is queen bee.

4. Selena Did It First: Lana Del Rey

Selena vs Lana del Rey 

The singer-songwriter kept it cool and casual in a sports jacket, but Selena rocked out in one onstage.

5. Selena Did It First: Solange Knowles

Selena vs Solange

Colorful jacket with an abstract print? Selena had the look nailed down for a photoshoot long before Solange hit the red carpet.

6. Selena Did It First: Rihanna

Selena vs Rihanna

Black sheer crop top? Check. Black bra? Check. High-waisted skirt? Check. Rihanna must have seen a Selena performance and been inspired!

7. Selena Did It First: Selena Gomez

Selena vs Selena

It's no surprise that Selena Gomez would take a fashion lesson from her namesake! Selena Quintanilla knew how to work white pants and a white bustier -- and apparently, Selenita does too!

8. Selena Did It First: Jessica Alba

Selena vs Jessica Alba

White and black checkerboard gets reimagined from a jacket to a dress, but the print seems to be standing the test of time.

9. Selena Did It First: Nicki Minaj

Selena vs Nicki Minaj

If this doesn't make you do a double take, we don't know what will. An animal print hat and matching jacket will do that to you.