Trend Overboard!: The Gladiator Sandal

1. Gladiator 1

Back in the summer of '07, Mary Kate Olsen landed on many a worst dressed list by wearing the couture version of these S&M inspired, knee-high gladiator sandals. A year later, they're creeping into mass retail stores and at Urban Original, where you can grab this pair for just $38. Chicas, didn’t we learn the first time? Torture doesn't pay.

2. Gladiator 2

Ever had the urge to wear moccasins and gladiators at once? Someone seems to think so. Us? We say some combos are just plain wrong.

3. Gladiator 3

Aren't straps supposed to decorate the foot? These gladiator-inspired sandals do just about the oppos--oh wait...apparently we're supposed to love this look. Hooray for straight-jacket heels!

4. Gladiator 4

Are we relieved that women are wearing Uggs less frequently in the summer? Yes. Is it ok to replace them with sandals bearing suede ankle straps? Absolútamente not.

5. Gladiator 5

We'll take a second look at any pair of 4.5-inch stilettos, but this one's getting a double take for far different reasons. Simply heinous.

6. Gladiator 6

"Parisian chic" our a--! We're not falling for the French aesthetic's just another Roman holiday gone wrong.

7. Gladiator 7

The average day finds PETA looking rather extreme in their animalistic stances, but we imagine they'd be pretty spot-on in their reaction to Bebe's Tatiana Leather Knee-High Gladiator Sandals: how many baby snakes had to die to make these hideously scaly straps?

8. Gladiator 8

Part of us--a teeny-tiny, pequeñito part--spotted these Stuart Weitzman knee-highs and thought, "Hmm, gold...that might not look so bad." Then the rational part of our mind won. Thank you, common sense!