Sunglasses That Complement Your Features

It's always a good idea to try on a variety of sunglasses until you find a style that works best for you. Rule of thumb: When shopping for the perfect shades, go for frames that don't mirror the shape of your face. We put together a quick guide with our top picks for the four most common face shapes: oval, heart, round and square.

1. Sunglasses - Round 1

Celebs like Cameron Diaz look best in wide-shaped glasses. Angular frames narrow round faces.

2. Sunglasses - Round 2

Great options for your round shape:

Montpellier Sunglasses by Lacoste ($250, call 800-272-2042 for store locations)

Braided Temple Sunglasses by Valentino ($295,

Endurance Aviator Sunglasses by Carrera ($130,

Metal Topline Plastic Sunglasses by Forever 21 ($5.80,


3. Sunglasses - Heart

It’s all about balance and proportion when choosing the right shades. Folks with heart shapes, like Jennifer Lopez, should look for square glasses.

4. Sunglasses - Heart 2

Great options for your heart shape:

Vintage Square Sunglasses by Marc by Marc Jacobs ($130,

Prelude Sunglasses by Lucky Brand ($88, call 877-Lucky-31 for store locations)

Wire Aviator Sunglasses by Urban Outfitters ($10,

Butterfly Frame Sunglasses by Prada ($245,

5. Sunglasses - Oval

People with oval-shaped faces, like actress Jessica Alba, look good in just about any sunglasses. Feel free to experiment with whatever catches your eye.


6. Sunglasses - Oval 2

Great options for your oval shape:


Dominique Sunglasses by Coach ($198,

Emmy Fade Sunglasses by Delia’s ($12.50,

Oversize Metal Aviator Sunglasses by Topshop ($30,

Large Round Sunglasses by Gucci ($325,


7. Sunglasses - Square 1

People with square shapes should try to avoid frames that are flat on the bottom. Cat-eye styles would work well on Disney starlet Selena Gomez.

8. Sunglasses - Square 2

Great options for your square shape:

Printed oval sunglasses by Emilio Pucci ($375,

Oversized "Cat Eye" Plastic Sunglasses by Ray-Ban ($129,

Darla Sunglasses by Kate Spade ($148,

SKU# 498163 RA5078 by Ralph ($79.95,