Street Life: San Juan, Puerto Rico

1. Puerto Rico Street Life: Tamarra LaTorre

With her quirky charm, Tamara Latorre defies the conventional wisdom that you can't wear a mid-calf length skirt with high-top sneakers.

2. Puerto Rico Street Life: Stephanie Cruz

Stephanie Cruz is a vision of vibrant hues: the red hair, the purple bag, the yellow watch and the electric blue T—all in perfect balance with skinny black jeans and flats.

3. Puerto Rico Street Life: J Ramos Cruz

This bumble bee-toned maxi dress makes a San Juan girl look positively statuesque.

4. Puerto Rico Street Life: Gretchen Zamot

Gretchen Zamot's easy elegance is manifest in this gorgeous gray tunic top. And the beautiful smile is a nice accessory.

5. Puerto Rico Street Life: J Beveraggi

It's amazing how a great bag and statement-making shoes can make a woman look like she strolled right off the runway and onto the streets of San Juan!

6. Puerto Rico Street Life: G Ponton

This boricua demonstrates the perfect marriage between natural sexiness and work appropriate attire with a graphic wrap dress. Diane Von Furstenburg would be proud!

7. Puerto Rico Street Life: Christina Olivieri

Christina Olivieri's made this skimpy navy sun-dress more wearable by pairing it with cropped capris and flat gray sandals that look great with everything.

8. Puerto Rico Street Life: Annie Jo Galib

Annie Jo Galib's oversized messenger bag and leather sandals with the big toe ring make this ordinary outfit quite extraordinary.