Street Life: Monique Villapando

Monique Villapando

Age: 25

Occupation: Assistant shop director for Kira Plastinina [a teenager touted as the world’s youngest fashion designer]

What’s your background? Mexican

Tell us the inspiration behind your outfit. Kira, of course. I love the sandals because it’s like the gladiator sandals that are in right now with this ankle strap. It’s really cool and really casual, but still a little bit funky and fresh for the summer.

Tell us about your hairstyle. I wanted to go for a 1920s cabaret look with the really high bangs but with one side longer than the other, like a Liza Minelli look.

How would you define your fashion style? More ’80s. Lots of color and funky plastic jewelry.

Who are your favorite designers? I absolutely love Galliano—the color, the fantasy, the extravagance. I would definitely wear his pieces if I could.

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