Street Life: Irene Guerra

Irene Guerra

Age: 17

Background: Half Salvadorean and half Mexican

Occupation: lingerie salesperson

Break down your outfit: These slacks are my mom's. They're really comfortable and nice to wear to work. This top is my mom's also. I don't know where she got it. It's kinda vintage. And this other top, I got it at H&M. I like feeling really relaxed at work. This necklace belongs to my sister's friend. I don't wear my clothing. I like wearing other people's clothes! This bag is from JC Penney.

Who are your favorite fashion designers? I like Calvin Klein. I LOVE Betsey Johnson because her style is so unqiue. And she's like crazy! And really cool.

How do you define your style? Funky but definitely relaxed.

Serena Kim

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