Street Life: Daniela Salas

Daniela Salas

Age: 17

Occupation: high school student

Latin background: Colombian

What’s your fashion inspiration? I buy stuff that I really, really like. Many times, I buy stuff from Bogota, Colombia. I like to get things there so that I don’t have the same stuff as other people.

Where did you get all of the parts of your outfit? I got this scarf in my hair at a fair in Bogota. It’s really in fashion there, so I have like pink and blue, too. For the top, I bought the fabric and then I paid someone to sew it. I got my shorts here in the States—I think at Kohl’s in Florida.

Who are your favorite fashion designers? I love Chanel. I love it. But I can’t afford it.

Who are your favorite Latina celebrity style icons?
I love Gisele Bündchen.

When you’re getting dressed in the morning, what are you channeling? I just dress according to my mood. If I’m happy, then I’ll wear lots of bright colors. And when I’m sad, maybe like black and stuff.

So are you happy today? Yeah, I’m happy because there’s no school today!

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