Street Life: Christine Bueras

Christine Bueras

Age: 24

Latin heritage: Half Samoan and Half El Salvadorean

Where’d you get your outfit? My sweater is my mom’s, which I think she got at a mom and pop clothing store. The shirt and the skirt are from H&M, and this is a Coach purse.

I see that you have your hair in an updo. Yeah, I teased it. I’ve been doing that since college. I don’t like it to be flat. Because I work in an office, I don’t like for it to get in the way.

Who are your favorite fashion designers? Ferragamo and Chanel. I have an eclectic sense of fashion.

What was your last big fashion splurge? Two years back, I bought a vintage Chanel suit. That’s normally what I wear on interviews. It’s a classic.

How much did you pay for that? I believe I paid $550.