Street Life: Annelise Sarber

Annelise Sarber

Age: 25

Occupation: Advanced Skin Care at Nordstrom

Background: Half Brazilian and half German

Where did you get all the pieces of your outfit? I got my shoes at Nordstrom. I got my dress at a boutique called Francesca. They have one in Chicago and one here in L.A., too.

What was your last big fashion splurge? I bought a pair of Sergio Rossi shoes at Neiman Marcus for $500. They are hand painted black and white stilettos.

When you’re getting dressed in the morning, what is your style inspiration? Mostly functional when I’m at work. It has to be modest and comfortable and kind of layered. But when I’m going out at night, I go for something more bold and bright.

How would you define your whole style? I dress pretty classic with a modern edge. I’m really into Audrey Hepburn, so I do the big glasses and really basic shapes and patterns but with a little twist for a modern flair.

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