The Return of Leggings

Doesn't it seem like just yesterday when all women wore flared pants that obscured their ankles amid ample fabric? Now, the reverse couldn't be truer. Pants have gotten so skinny and tapered, that women are now wearing straight-up leggings. Which is good news for many reasons. Leggings are comfortable and easy to wear. They tend to be flattering, because they emphasize the ankle, which for most women are slender no matter how their waists might look. And this season, leggings are showing up in all kinds of exciting new textures, quite possibly the most thrilling is the liquid legging, a shiny black lycra affair that adds a dangerous sheen to any outfit. But if you don’t wear leggings correctly, the results could be disastrous. So keep these guidelines in mind:

  • Don't show your booty in leggings. Please. Keep your butt covered with a tunic, a dress, or a longish top or sweater.
  • Do pair leggings with high vamp shoes like chunky gladiator sandals, ankle boots or lace-up oxfords. Don’t wear them with spiky pumps or risk looking like a back up dancer from a Bell Biv Devoe video.
  • Do have fun with colors and textures.But the main idea is contrast. If you're sporting a printed legging, do a solid top. If you’ve got on shiny leggings, do a fuzzy, textured top.
  • Do keep the top voluminous for a balanced silhouette.

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