POLL: Choose Your Favorite Look of the Week for Project 365!

This week, fashion designer Denise Focil reached a milestone as part of her Project 365 — she’s halfway to the end of the year, chicas! Vote for your fave look of the week below and make sure to keep coming back every Friday until the end of 2011. There is still plenty of amazing fashion to see!

From left to right, here is the breakdown from Denise for each outfit:

Look 1: Horsing Around
“I am really in the country now! I took a vintage silk scarf and created this one-shoulder dress for myself—very Hermes. Country Glam! ;)”

Silk Dress- Custom Made for myself (using a vintage scarf fabric)
Necklace- Forever 21
Sunglasses- Balenciaga
Shoes- Zara

Look 2: Halfway There
“Today is a special day because it marks the MIDDLE OF THE YEAR, and therefore the halfway point of Project 365! I think champagne was in order today, so I wore my ASTARS Champagne Dress for the special occasion! ♥ ♥ ♥”

Dress- ASTARS "Champagne Dress"
Belt- Vintage from Argentina
Sunglasses- Vintage Baruffaldi
Boots- Sassetti

Look 3: The Italian Job
“I woke up feeling very "Italian" today... maybe it's the hills in Tuscany? Maybe it's too many cappuccinos? I think the crisp white shirt, black skinnies, and fedora combo captured my mood, though. BACI from la bella Italia!”

Shirt- Zara
Jeans- JBRAND Moto Skinny Jeans
Hat- J.Crew (Made in Ecuador)
Bag- Fendi
Bracelets- Gifts
Rings- Carol Marie
Shoes- Zara

Look 4: Under the Tuscan Sun
“Walking through a small town in Tuscany really called for a vintage crochet dress. I also realized today just how many crochet dresses I own. And I have not even worn them all yet!”

Dress- Vintage from the 70's
Sandals- Marais USA
Necklace- Gift
Sunglasses- Vintage
Ring- Vintage from an Italian Mercatino

Look 5: Make Music, Not War
“Happy 4th of July! I thought this tee was the perfect thing to wear on Independence Day. Make Music, Not War...and celebrate!”

Tee- ASTARS "Make Music Slouchy Tee"
Jeans- JBRAND Moto Skinny Jeans
Necklace- Vintage 
Ring- Carol Marie
Sunglasses- Vintage
Shoes- Converse