The Perfect Swimsuit for Your Body

Bathing suit season is officially upon us. Whether that gets you excited for days at the beach or strikes fear into your heart, you'll be glad to know that we scoured the internet to find the sexiest suits in all of the latest styles. Plus, we included pointers for what kinds of trends work the best with our body types. So break out the sunscreen and pack your beach bag, with these cute suits, you'll be sitting pretty in the sunshine in no time!

1. Swimsuits for you shape - One Shoulder

One Shoulder Bathing Suits:

These suits are fun and sensual without being overtly sexy. They are great for women who want to draw attention up the body and to their shoulders in particular. One shoulder styles have been all rage for a few years now and have only increased in popularity since Michelle Obama rocked the style at the inauguration.

Red Figleaves Grecian one shoulder swimsuit, $53.00, and Lavender Victoria's Secret Asymmetric Swimsuit, $68.99,

2. Swimsuits for you shape - Monokini


These suits are great for curvy ladies because the cut outs enhance hour glass figures, but aren't so hot on very thin or athletic body types. This style of suit also works really well for petite chicas because of the continual silhouette caused by the plunging necklines popular with monokinis. But buyer beware! Even though a monokini may give the illusion of modesty like a one piece, some are even more scandalous than your run-of-the-mill string bikini, so tread carefully.

Shape fx® Enhancing Monokini, $35, Jellyfish Monokini, $79,

3. Swimsuits for you shape - Embellished


Any silhouette can be embellished! Embellishments draw attention to the parts you want to accentuate and draw attention away from other areas you’re not too thrilled about, so if you love your cleavage but aren't wild about your backside go for a bikini with embellishments on the top of your two-piece. If you are petite, just keep in mind that too many embellishments can overwhelm your small frame. For an added bonus, the ruching on the Carmen Marc Valvo suit can also do wonders to slim your tummy!

Embellished U-neck Halter, $42, Carmen Marc Valvo canyon ruched jeweled halter swimsuit, $119.00,


4. Swimsuits for you shape - Ruffles


If you are looking to add volume to certain areas of your body then ruffles are a perfect solution. These suits are ideal for women with small busts or those looking to make their backsides a little more bootylicious. This is also a style that petite women should tread carefully around. You don’t want to get lost under a mountain of frill!

Solid Ruffle Tank, $80, Marc By Marc Jacobs Paisley Park Ruffle Bandeau Bikini, $111.00,

5. Swimsuits for you shape - Bold Print

Bold prints:

Loud colors, graphic and animal prints are making a huge comeback this year. If you want to enhance your bust, look for a bikini with a bold print on top and a solid color on bottom (or vice versa). These can be tricky to wear if you’re trying to hide any problem areas so the most important accessory for this summer trend is confidence!

Perry Ellis "Organic Geo" Swimsuit, $120, Hermanny 'Mystical' One-Piece, $160.00,

6. Swimsuits for you shape - Vintage


Old Hollywood glamour style bathing suits are here to stay for the summer of 2009! High waists and bottoms cut in vintage styles offer more coverage for women who want to hide their tummies or their hips and thighs without losing any style points. Add some heels and a dramatic sun hat to bring the style full circle!

Shape fx® Floral High-Waist Bikini, $39, Vargas Halter, $98,