Meet our New Style Blogger, Pop Star Kat DeLuna!

Take a peek into our new style blogger Kat DeLuna's closet!

As a little girl I was obsessed with trends— things like punk leather jackets, colorful, shoulder-padded blazers, stylish stilettos, and, of course, my fellow dominicano Oscar De La Renta's gowns. I idolized women wearing long, high-waisted flared pants. I would constantly run to my grandmother who was a seamstress—and a great style inspiration— and beg her to take me fabric shopping so that I, too, could come up with creations of my own and prove that I had style. I still remember the first time I fell in love with textures and patterns. I particularly remember a black vintage clutch purse my mom gifted me; I wouldn't take it off for anything in the world because, according to me, “It made my look,” LOL.

I also knew from a very young age that music was my calling, but I felt that fashion was a big part of me being an artist. While musical talent is usually a gift, style is something that can be taught, and I’ve learned so much along the way throughout my world travels as a performer. I’ve been inspired and exposed to many different trends. Quite simply, fashion has become a lifestyle and no longer a hobby. Now I want to share my passion and experiences with you through my Latina style column!

For instance, I have learned that with style you never know it all. It's like a never-ending story, with a new chapter written everyday. The good thing is that you always learn new ways to make a statement for yourself and others. That said, welcome to Kat’s Corner, where I'll share all my style secrets and give you an inside look at how my life and fashion intertwine.

Watch the video below to see Kat explain her grandmother's influence on her fashionista ways and be sure to check in every other week for a peek into Kat's closet:

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