Real Latina Shows Off Her Autumn-Inspired Nail Art

Fall is the best time to get creative with your nail art! For this week’s edition of Latina Style Wars, we asked you to show us your fall-inspired nail art. There are so many color choices and designs you can wear on your nails, it’s almost an endless array to choose from! After browsing through your submissions, we booked our own appointment for a manicure, and sat down to pick!

This week’s winner is nail art enthusiast Sigourney (nailartbysig on Instagram) who flaunted some cutting edge nails. Sigourney chose to play around with the concept of negative space in this design and we love it! It’s a great example of unique and innovative nail art. She picked a fabulous, eye-catching color palette for this design. We’re thinking about trying to replicate this look ourselves!

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Have you made any bold nail art choices this season? What colors are your using and are you getting creative with them? Answer in the comments below!