Real Latina Shows Off Her Expert Cat-Eye Makeup

We love ourselves an expertly-crafted, gorgeous makeup application. When we asked for your best cat-eye makeup looks for this week’s Latina Style Wars, we were shocked just how many of you loved this look for your go-to day-to-night style.

Our lucky winner is the gorgeous Selene (@diary_of_a_housewife on Instagram) who showed us her impeccable cat eye look, along with some green eye shadow and a gorgeous hot pink lip too! The Latina housewife tells us that “style is an expression of imagination”, and boy does she have some! We’re just loving this look, from the perfect cat-eye to the sleek hair. She’s definitely got the look!

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What do you think of her fierce cat-eye, ladies? Do you love it for a day-to-night beauty look? Tell us in the comments below!