Kat's Closet: Summer Trends to Try for Fall!

Even though we're well into fall, I never put away a staple I really like just because the seasons are changing. By making a few alterations to your style you'll easily be able to keep rocking your favorite summer garments well into the cooler seasons. A ton of these summer staples can naturally transition to the fall.

Here are 5 summer trends I think are worth holding on to:

I love shorts! In the fall I wear them with tights, stockings or leggings and a cute pair of booties. Add leg warmers when the temperature really drops.

High Heel Sandals:
I never put away my Jimmy Choo and YSL sandals. It's hip to wear skinny jeans with high heel sandals—just add tights. Wearing tights the same color of the sandal can  even make the sandal appear like a closed-toe pump! You can also get creative and try wearing stockings in wild prints and colors.

Animal prints:
My apartment is covered in all types of animal prints! This neutral by nature trend took over this summer. These prints are always in style and that's why I think the animal attraction always works not matter what season it is. You can literally wear animal print in every possible way; Try it in a purse, shoes, sweaters or a foxy trench coat!

Look awesome in silver, gold or bronze. This trend got super hot this summer and we are definitely keeping it going for fall. Statement jewelry like shoes, cuffs and chain necklaces are a good way to add metallics to your every day wardrobe.

Bright colored Purses:

Add a touch of color to any look with a vibrant pink or an eye popping orange bag or clutch. A bright bag can help take your outfit from a 3 to a 10!

I believe you can turn any trend of the moment turn into a trend of the year. Never be afraid to reinvent a style. Have fun with these tips ladies!