Kat's Closet: Opposites Attract

We've always known opposites attract, but for years that usually related to relationships. Now it also applies to fashion. I see more fashionistas, like myself, and stylists, mixing feminine or sexy separates with edgy rocker pieces to get an unexpected chic look and I'm loving it!

To get this look you can pair a rugged leather jacket with a romantic chiffon dress for the day and a sexy metallic dress for the night or try bold graphic printed leggings with a beautiful long flowy bow-tie blouse. If dressing polar opposites is too much for you to handle, maybe you can start off with just mixing up your accessories, like wearing classic pearls with a black leather mini dress or a sophisticated dress paired with a rockin' studded bangle cuff. So, stop copying looks from manequins at the store display and be your own fashionista and take some risks with your outfit - I promise it will pay off!