Kat's Closet: Mint Craving

Spring and summer fashion has literally gone green!

Pastel colors are the big hype in town, but the new hit shade is a very pale pastel green! Think soft mint green sherbet. Sounds hmm good, exciting and relaxing...well, it is!

I love wearing pastels because it gives me very chic and elegant/glam look. Especially pastel mint green! It also looks great on every skin complexion.

For a fun look, pastel green always looks beautiful and trendy with pastel rose pink. Rock a pastel green tank with pastel rose pink pant or skirt. Wear camel-colored sandals, or if it's chilly out, try a fun platform stiletto heel.

Kat's Closet: Candy-Colored Jeans

Another way to wear pastel mint green is by pairing it up with neutral colors. It's more of a ''look at me'' look. You can try a silk dress with a beige or tan waist belt with matching sandals or heels. If it’s still windy outside you can try camel-colored knee high sexy boots with a pair of gold hoops and a faux fur beige mini vest! Get a big handbag and walk the “Kat Walk”!

If you're not too sure that the pastel mint green hue fits you, I say you can start gradually. Try it on a purse, nails or shoes. I would start with colorful jeans and see how you feel in it. I’m sure you’ll love it! You can dress them up with a black polyester loose tank, or wear a big cream or white fluffy sweater.

Any shade of green makes you feel relaxed and sexy! Green brings you relaxing thoughts. With the stress most of us cope with on a daily basis, I recommend it as a great anecdote.  You’ll feel amazingly stylish and refreshed!