Kat's Closet: Jelly Shoes!

Growing up, did you girls own a pair of what we call "Jelly" chancletas? I did, and mine were purple!

Every summer, some designers put out at least one model of jelly shoes in their collection. This summer it's the cats meow, and now they come with designs and embellishments on them! I just bought myself a beautiful pair of clear Stuart Weitzman jelly sandals with Swarovski crystals on them and a bow tie. I feel just like Cinderella! My friend went for the Juicy Couture ones—they have them in flip-flops—some even come with an actual high heel.

The point is, these princess-like shoes are the best accessory to have because they can be worn with mostly anything and are very comfortable and chic! Here are some of my favorite picks:

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