Kat's Closet: How I Chose the Clothes for My "Dancing Tonight" Video

The video for my new single "Dancing Tonight" premiered last week and I couldn't be more excited! In fact, I'm so excited that I wanted to tell you a little about the direction I was going for with the looks in the video and hopefully give you some fashion inspiration to use in your everyday life. When doing a music video, everything (especially wardrobe) is planned ahead of time. Being that music videos give insight to the newest cutting edge trends I knew I had to sit and think hard about what outfits were going to show off my swag (for those of you who don't know, swag is having a high level of confidence and dressing to the nines). I think I probably made myself listen to "Dancing Tonight" like a hundred times, so I could envision what I would wear in every situation from performing onstage to hanging out with my girls as we dance. I even thought about what my fans would wear to my shows. I wanted outfits that felt highlighted the fun dance vibe of my video and I ended eventually ended up with four cool stylish looks:

The main look I rock is a sexy simple ballet-inspired black leotard, so to give it a sassy touch I added hair extensions and made my hair super long. While a black leotard is synonymous with ballerinas, nowadays everyone can rock this Black Swan inspired get-up by pairing it with black or boldly colorful skinny jeans, a short mini skirt (preferably a leather one if you want to be fashion-forward) and, of course, some classic stilettos. If you are more of a risky diva try throwing on some thigh high boots!

The second look was a Dancing With The Stars. I learned to dance through Latin music, so I had to include this look and pay homage to mi raza by throwing in a bit of salsa and mambo. We Latinas would always rather be overdressed than the alternative, so ladies: Wear a dress like this literally anywhere and be fabulous! Just be sure to pair it with an open-toe golden high heel.

For the third look, I wanted to show off my vision of a "street dance" look. Today, hip hop dancers dress sexier but still manage to keep it looking somewhat edgy and tough, so I decided to add a ripped up tank top! You sexy chicas can rock this look with booties (sans the ripped up tank) for a more casual outing like an unpretentious dance party, or to the beach with your bathing suit substituting the bra! If you wanna rock it like they do it in Texas, just add cowboy boots and make sure your hair is sexy. Yiha!

My fourth look wasn't really about clothes, it was more about swag. I was playing the role of an accessory-obsessed girl bathing with jewelry! While I know an eye patch can be a little over-the-top, if you want to stand out and you're feeling my style, but don't want to make such a bold statement, rock it as a hairpiece!

And remember: Style is a way of life. Wear it with swag chicas!